Our Installations

Aaradhana Tech is a leading provider of CNC machine installation services in India. With a team of highly skilled technicians, we have successfully installed a wide range of CNC machines for various industries across the country. Our installations are known for their efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

At Aaradhana Tech, we understand that every installation project is unique, and we strive to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experts works closely with each client to understand their requirements and provide customized solutions that meet their budget and timeline.

Our installations are carried out with the utmost care and precision, using the latest equipment and technology. We follow a strict quality control process to ensure that all installations meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Our technicians are trained to handle all types of CNC machines, and we have experience installing machines from all major manufacturers.

One of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our success, and we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with our services. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support and assistance, and we always strive to complete installations on time and within budget.

At Aaradhana Tech, we take pride in our work and are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Whether you need installation services for a new CNC machine or need to replace an old one, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done right. Contact us today to learn more about our installation services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.


Yes, the wood CNC router machine by Aradhana Technology is compatible with various types of wood. It can efficiently handle hardwood, softwood, plywood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), and other commonly used wood materials.